Recent Publications


  • A. Bernheim-Groswasser, I. Colorado Cervantes, G.Livne, P. Nardinocchi, F. Recrosi, L. Teresi. On the interplay between activity elasticity and diffusion in self-contractile biopolymer gels. Submitted, 2022.

  • J. Ciambella, P. Nardinocchi. Non-affine fiber reorientation in finite inelasticity. arXiv: 2207.10904v1, 2022

  • J. Ciambella, G. Lucci, P. Nardinocchi, L. Preziosi. Passive and active fibre reorientation in anisotropic materials. International Journal of Engineering Science, 176, 103688, 2022.

  • J.I. Colorado Cervantes, L. Teresi, P. Piras, P. Nardinocchi, V. Sansalone, C. Torromeo, G. Esposito, V. Varano, and P.E. Puddu. Assessment of strain lines patterns in the human left ventricle. Submitted, 2022.

  • M. Curatolo, P. Nardinocchi, L. Teresi. Active Gel: a Continuum Physics Perspective. In press on Modelling of Mass transport Processes in Biological Media, Elsevier, 2022.

  • J.I. Colorado-Cervantes, P. Nardinocchi, P. Piras, L. Teresi, C. Torromeo, P.E. Puddu. Patient-specific modeling of left ventricle mechanics. Acta Mechanica Sinica 38, 621211, 2022.

  • M.Curatolo, P. Nardinocchi, L. Teresi. Morphing of soft structures driven by active swelling: a numerical study. International Journal of Non-Linear Mechanics, Available on line on February 15, 2022.





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